Academic Career Websites that will Help you to Succeed.

Looking for an academic job is not that easy a task. Usually in Academia, graduates have to always start out at the bottom of the stairs and work their way up. While this might be the same as any other vocation, the problem mainly exists in the fact that not many universities go around looking for meritorious students from different batches to hire. The usual source of concern is that job positions in academic streams are usually finite in number, and new applicants are not entertained unless there is a certain demand to do so.

A lot of academic careers can also come with tenure, which many full professors get to enjoy. In such situations, teaching positions do not open up on a regular basis. This creates a glass ceiling in terms of job offers in the academic world, and can become a major hurdle in the way of new aspirants. Considering the fact that there are few opportunities, the competition is extremely fierce and difficult. As campus placements are also not quite common, you can have serious issues in figuring out new academic job positions that you could immediately apply for.

The trick here is to build a solid network of connections and have direct access to the source. Universities that are looking for new candidates for teaching often place advertisements on different academic career sites. If you enlist on these sites as a member, you will have several opportunities knocking on your door! Here you have been offered a list of different academic career sites that you could use to find your perfect job:

- Academic Careers:

(http://careers.ucsc.edu/grad/AcademicCareers/AcademicCareerResources/academic_careers.html )

Endorsed and organized by the University of California Santa Cruz, the Academic Careers website is one of the leading hubs online for academic employment network. Here, you will find more than dozens of sites which post job opportunities that are not only related to teaching, but also events and workshops for fresh graduates. The site offers plenty of study materials and career advice for graduates who want to continue with their research while working as a part-time faculty member. If you are carrying on with Post Doc research work, you could look up Academic Careers since it contains recent updates on Post Doc Research Funding programs.

- Academic Job Search:


This site is operated under the Berkeley University of California. They not only offer you a list of the recent jobs that are available in the academic field, but also advise you on how to progress with your application. They even ask potential candidates to sign up on their Career Mail list, so that they would get immediate notifications in their inbox the moment a new job is posted. This will keep you well connected.

- Vitae:


You can search for Faculty and Research, Administrative, or Executive positions. This site is more effectively designed where candidates can look for any job offers of their choosing by typing in the relevant keywords. Also, you can sign up to be a member to enjoy several benefits like instant alerts, career advice and tools that you would need in order to stay ahead of others and have a better chance in landing an academic job.

There are plenty more websites that you can use as your resource to find the job that you are definitely good at. While academic jobs are hard to come by, you can raise your chance of success by broadening your horizons and gaining more exposure on the academic platform.


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