Videos about Academic Careers

The 4 Critical Factors to Getting a Top Academic Job

Professor Sylvia Fuller reminds us that our accomplishments early in life, usually set the stage for what comes later on. You need to be thinking about your career early in your life. Watch her present the 4 key things that can take us effectively from grad school to the tenure track.

Landing Your First Academic Job after Your PhD

Take advice and insight from a person who found employment as a lecturer only 6 months after passing her PhD. Nadine Muller says that reality hits when you realize you have to teach courses on topics you have never taught before.

On Academic Interview Presentations: Focus on Teaching or Research?

When you get interviewed for an academic position, you will have to make a presentation. Should this presentation be more research- or teaching-focused? This video addresses this topic, as well as the importance of showing how you can bring revenue to the university.

"Why Should We Hire You"

One of the questions interviewers ask you is "why should we hire you". Don Georgevich helps you prepare to answer this question in a way that shows your future employers that you have the skills this job needs.


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