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What Can You Do to Increase Your Chance of Success while Looking for an Academic job?

A lot of postgrads and Ph.D candidates suffer from stress due to their uncertainty regarding job offers. The number of candidates waiting to be employed and the amount of jobs on offer are not well balanced. The situation gets really difficult, as it fosters very fierce competition and leaves very little chance of success ahead. This is why many students who are involved in academia are often found contemplating doing something else with their lives.

Many research staff members from different universities talk about the value of resilience and patience when it comes to the long-drawn process of job hunting. If you are really interested in committing yourself completely to your work in the academia, then you have to deal with a lot of hurdles. You will go to plenty of interviews and not be chosen. There will be times when your CV will fail to impress the Hiring Committee. But while you wait for your luck to strike gold, you can also take your time and do everything that is in your power to increase the odds in your favor.

So what can you do to ensure that you have a high chance of success when you apply for the next academic job? Here is a list of guidelines that you can follow to get started:

- Work on your CV:

CVs and cover letters are extremely important. When you apply for a job, your resume will represent you and who you are. It has to be impressive enough or else the Hiring Committee members will never give you another glance. You need to work on your cover letter, keep it structured and well balanced. Try tailoring your CVs for different jobs that you are applying for. Never send the same copy to different jobs at different universities. While modifying your CV, make sure you write the name of the University you are applying for, and the job position that you want. Mention how your skills meet the requirements of the job description.

Send your CV first to the career adviser at your own university to get an honest feedback. Your adviser can help you to figure out where you need to make improvements.

- Write and Publish Papers:

You need to stay visible at all moments. When you walk in for an interview, make sure that your achievements are noticeable enough. Try to manage networking efficiently; build contacts and make friends. A lot of candidates get to know about job openings from their advisers who are already a part of the faculty. You need to keep publishing papers so as to carry on with your research work. Being constantly active will help you to achieve more exposure, and this will up your chance for success.

- Look for Jobs in the Industry:

While a job in the academia is your main goal, remember that you can achieve what you want at the end of your journey as well. In order to avoid the competition, you could join an industry and be a part of their existing research team. You could also carry on with your research and approach different companies for grants. If they like what you do, they will finance you and give you space to finish your work. And if your research pays off quite well, you could use it as an advantage over other contenders when you are applying for an academic position later on.

Remember that the career path you have chosen is not the easiest and quickest. It will certainly be a huge investment on your part, and you have to always think on your feet and work smart in order to finally make it.



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