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Bill TimmonsWelcome to AcademicCareer-Jobs.com, a place where you can find articles, advice, and free sources about landing a job in the academia. My name is Bill Timmons, and I created this website because I wanted to help people who are looking for information about pursuing an academic career.

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AcademicCareer-Jobs.com is a site that aims to help all those (mainly post-doc graduates) who are looking for research opportunities and teaching jobs at reputed universities and educational institutions. Here, information is regularly updated. From deciding if an academic career is really the best thing for you, to learning how to write a CV, and finding the best sources online for the latest job posts, my library of articles has you covered. You will also be informed about the latest events and current job posts which are available.

For people who choose an academic career, getting immediate results is a luxury they cannot afford to dream of. I know this very well, since I have been proudly associating myself as an academician for the last decade and more. I earned my doctorate by the time I was thirty. By that time, I was already working part-time as a lecturer in a reputed university while carrying on with my research work. It was a tough life; time was always fleeting and I felt like I was chasing a dream that would take forever to turn true.

I did not have job security. If you have been in academia for a while, you would know how hard it is to generate job opportunities consistently in this field. Competition is fierce, and full professors and associate professors are employed for as long as they could work. Considering these circumstances, it is indeed very hard for fresh graduates to make a mark and get an easy start. Most of them are hired by universities to teach on an Ad Hoc basis. Getting a faculty position with a tenure or permanent contract that provides job security is quite rare. This is quite stressful, as you are employed only for a certain amount of time, after which the university may decide to not hire you again.

But with time I persevered and right now I am an Associate Professor at the same university where I have worked for a lot of years. And I can clearly see that all my hard work has finally paid off. But the reality in academic fields is very tough. While research staff members try to offer career advice and guide students in the right way, often so they do not have adequate resources to reach a wider audience. This is where I want to make a difference.

Fund Your Academic Career with Finish Line and 4inkjets Grants

As an applicant for a position in a school, college, or university, you may be required to fund your own research position. Here are two research grants you may consider:

FinishLine.com Grant

If your research relates to the following topics:

  • sports physiology, running, basketball, any kind of sports activity
  • youth development and special needs, healthy lifestyles
  • health conditions of the foot
  • footwear technology
  • marketing (shoes, apparel)

…then you could possibly submit your proposal to a store like FinishLine.com in to order have your research funded. Finish Line is an athletic specialty retailer with over 1,000 branded locations in the US. They offer athletic shoes, sports apparel, and accessories at discounted prices using Finish Line coupons that give you $10 or $15 off. For example, this month's finish line coupon 15 off is the code 15FIN150.   Here is the point: with a gross profit close to half a billion USD in 2015, and an impressive stock, Finish Line could be your funding opportunity! In fact, the Finish Line Youth Foundation does exactly that. With a mission to make a difference in the lives of young people, especially as it relates to sports and healthier lifestyles, Finish Line offers grants to organizations every quarter (4 times a year). If your research relates to youth athletic programs, I encourage you to apply.

4inkjets Grant

If your research relates to the following topics:

  • Material science and manufacturing
  • Printing technology
  • Industrial inkjet technology
  • Graphic creation and design
  • Image processing

… then you could possibly get funded by 4inkjets.com. 4inkjets is one of the biggest suppliers of remanufactured ink cartridges and toner. They sell ink that is compatible for all major printer brands at a price that is 60% lower than the original manufacturer (OEM). By taking the OEM cartridge and refilling it with ink they can pass huge discounts in the form of a 4inkjets coupon.

I am Here to Help You

I am here to offer a helping hand to you so that you can follow suit and find yourself where I am today. If you are looking for teaching jobs, I am here to post links to websites where you can find different offers from many universities. If you are looking for a way to impress your future employers and ace your interviews, I am here to offer you tips and guidelines regarding what you can expect and how you should prepare yourself.

Overall, I am here to help you to hone your skills and tailor your resume to land you a teaching and research job as quickly as possible. Simply go through all resources and materials posted on this site, and you will find everything that will help you to walk towards your goal. If you have any queries, please use the Contact Me form and I will personally respond to help.


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